Casa Asistencial Vilcabamba

We Care For Your Loved Ones Like Our Own Family


Long-Term Care In the Valley of Longevity

Our top priority is that our residents feel happy, comfortable, secure, and loved.

We are private, family-owned facility located in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

We have a great deal of experience caring for Alzheimers and dementia patients in a manner that recognizes their humanity and respects their personal preferences. Our facility is equipped for dementia patients to navigate safely.

We offer complete care for every level of infirmity, including those who are wheelchair bound, bedridden, or incontinent.\d, bedridden, or incontinent.


Our Services

Long-Term Nursing

Memory Care

Short-Term Care & Surgery Recovery

Nutritious Meals

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Medical Care & Medication Monitoring

Accommodation for Spouses

Palliative Care


Family Owned and Operated With Love