A Labor of Love


At the Casa Asistencial Vilcabamba, your loved one will be cared for by a small staff of people who respect their individuality and prioritize their desires.

Casa Asistencial Vilcabamba was founded by Sonia Capa and Diego Villa to provide exceptional, personalized care for senior citizens and dementia patients.

Sonia and Diego want their residents to always feel safe, supported, and loved. Their facility is purposefully small, so that each resident gets plenty of attention and care. And with no more than 6 residents, Sonia and Diego can customize their services to suit the personality, tastes, and desires of each individual in their care.

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Casa Asistencial Vilcabamba is fully licensed by the municipality of Loja.

Sonia is a licensed nurse (auxiliar de enfermería) with a decade of experience working with senior citizens and dementia patients.