Our Services

All our programs and services are customized to the needs, desires, and personality of each resident.

Long-Term Care

As a resident of our Casa, your loved one will have just the right level of care at every stage of their final years.

Dr. Marco Sinchire oversees routine medical care, medication, and nutrition. He is also on call for emergencies. 

Whether your loved one needs help with daily activities, is confined to bed or a wheelchair, or has more complex medical needs -- we have the skills and resources to provide the best care for their situation. 


Memory Care

We have a great deal of experience caring for Alzheimers and dementia patients in a manner that recognizes their humanity and respects their personal preferences.

Our facility is equipped for dementia patients to navigate safely. And we offer activities, interaction, and stimulation to them active and engaged for as long as possible.

Short-Term Care and Surgery Recovery

Space permitting, we also offer accommodation to those recovering from illness, accident, or surgery. We can provide whatever level of support is necessary -- from wound care to assistance with activities of daily living.


Physical and Occupational Therapy

We provide daily occupational and physical therapies designed to stimulate the intellect, spark creativity, and keep the body limber and comfortable.

Medical Care and Medication Monitoring

While you are certainly free to retain your own doctor, routine medical care and basic medication is included in the cost of most of our residential plans.

Our consulting physician, Dr. Marco Sinchire, monitors the health of all our residents, advises us on nutrition, and responds 24/7 to emergency calls.

We administer all medications under the direction of a doctor, who monitors efficacy and recommends adjustments as necessary.

Whenever possible, we provide or arrange for necessary medical care to provided in house. However, in some situations, the doctor may refer the resident to a hospital or clinic in Loja. 


Nutritious Meals

Here in Vilcabamba, we benefit from the year-round availability of fresh, high-quality produce.

All our meals are cooked fresh daily from top-shelf ingredients. Meals are customized to the health needs, preferences, and tastes of each resident.

Palliative Care

Residents of the Casa are welcome and encouraged to remain with us for the duration of their lives. We'll help ease the transition to a new plane of existence, and we'll gladly accommodate family and friends who wish to visit or sit vigil.

If space is available, we can also offer the use of our facilities for community members who are transitioning. 


Accommodation for Spouses

We want our resident to remain connected to family and friends. 

We welcome visitors at any time. And for spouse who don't wish to be separated from the loved, we offer permanent accommodation for a nominal monthly fee. The spouse will share a bed and room with the resident, and we'll provide meals and cleaning. 

Our facility is located just a short walk (or a $1.50 cab ride) from town, so spouses have easy access to friends, restaurants, and community activities.